Project – Design Elements and Ideas

The House of the Wounded Healer, in addition to the main house, will consist of various other units built in keeping with the terrain and natural habitat of the area and will offer respite, contemplative practice, mediation, yoga mindfulness practice, and opportunities to share teachings for the novice and master alike. The completed facility will hold 75 people.

  • Main House

    The Main House will be the founders’ residence with guest rooms for master teachers, and will offer a small meditation hall, guest dining room, kitchen, gardens, library, and a communal open air space.

  • Reception and Registration Hall

    The Reception and Registration Hall will be located to the left of the gazebo.

  • Bungalows or Yurts

    Bungalows or Yurts will be built to house participants and for conducting small group workshops.

  • Two Long Houses

    Two long houses will also be built, one to become a multi-purppse low building that will accommodate large groups for meetings, mediation, and similar activities: and the other to be used as a dormitory.

  • Chapel or Zendo

    A chapel or Zendo will provide a space for large group meditation and will be used to hold special services.

  • Nature's Gift

    The best amenity of all is that Jájome Alto, the mountain where Villa Alegría is located, has a year-round average daytime temperature of approximately 73°F with nights cooling down to between 50° to 69°.

• Community Kitchen and Dining Hall
• Vegetable Garden
• Herb Garden
• Flower Gardens
• Small grove of fruit trees
• Parking platform for 10 to 15 cars
• In addition to municipal water supply, the property has a source of natural mountain stream water