The Concept of the Wounded Healer

The House of the Wounded Healer will welcome guests from all walks of life since all paths can lead to the reunification of self with self. Once the house is ready to welcome guests, a typical flow of activity on any given week could include the arrival of guests coming for a week-long program of meditation, study, discourse, workshops, and other supporting activities; or the arrival of guests ready to do nothing but contemplate and meditate for a whole week or longer. Typical offerings would be —

  • Students in residence for extended study periods of four to 15 weeks exploring how life and practice are one.
  • Teachers offering talks on their practice and working with students and other guests on ways to deepen practice.
  • Interconnecting with the local community.
  • Growing in our understanding of our responsibility with Mother Earth at all levels.
  • Integrating health, nutrition, and wellness into our daily spiritual practice.
  • Opening up to creativity in its many forms through guided practice, and the re-discovery of the many talents each one brings.

The House of the Wounded Healer at Villa Alegría

The House of the Wounded Healer will live and practice with the land seeking always to give back to the earth. We will form an active part in the community and include our neighbors in all we do. The center will be non-sectarian and welcome people from all paths in a spirit of unity and oneness.

The Wisdom of the Circle

The Wisdom of the Circle, as developed by the Zen Peacemaker Circle and the Global Peacemaker Community is one of the forms of practice and teaching that will be offered there as well as The Way of Council. These practices emanate from the teachings of Roshis Bernard Tetsugen Glassman and Sandra Jishu Holmes.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction 8-week program, as developed by John Kabat-Zinn, Ph.D., will be offered several times during the year.

Wounded Healer Program

The Wounded Healer Program, open to everyone, will be especially attractive to those who work in the helping and healing professions particularly when they need to come in from the rain for a spell and recharge their batteries.

Living and Dying Are One

Living and Dying are One will invite participants to explore the possibility of a seamless cloth wrapping around these two events of life.

Artful Expression

Guests will find a regular schedule of workshops, lectures, and talks by master teachers from many backgrounds, daily meditation, classes in health and nutrition, herb gardening, natural healing modalities, plus a full program in Artful Expression seminars.