The House of the Wounded Healer


History of the Property

Honoring the legacy of Puerto Rico’s Father of Anthropology, Ricardo Alegría, by restoring the house in the style of its original design.


The Mission

Create a place where the healers, peacemakers, and caregivers of the world can come for rest, to mend and be cared for by others as well as impart their knowledge, gifts, and experience. Create a place for giving and receiving.


The Project

Where avocation and vocation become one. Where the caregivers of the world come to mend as well as teach. Eventually, we all need a place of respite. Help set the foundation for your own journey by making The House of the Wounded Healer your home away from home.

The Founders

Francisco Paco Genko-ji Lugoviña

Reverend Francisco Genko-ji Lugoviña is an ordained Buddhist priest in the Zen Peacemaker Order (descended from the Soto Zen lineage of Japan); is a member of the Zen Peacemaker Circles and Peacemaker International; and is the founder of the Hudson River Peacemaker Center - House of One People in Yonkers, New York.


Reverend Lugoviña's core teachers are Sandra Jishu Holmes and Roshi Bernard Glassman.

He has attended and co-facilitated numerous retreats to Auschwitz, Bierkenau and street retreats in various US cities with Roshi Bernie and Roshi Grover Genro Gauntt.

Noemí Ko-ji Santana

Noemí Ko-ji Santana is a Dharma Holder in the Zen Peacemaker Order. She is also a member of Peacemaker International, a non-sectarian organization that organizes
pilgrimages to areas that have been ravaged by genocide and whose aim is to raise awareness about this plight and foster healing where it has occurred. Noemí is a Zen meditation instructor and conducts Council Circles.


Noemí received Jukai from Jishu/Bernie Roshis, ZPO, on June 7, 1998. She received Dharma transmission from Sensei Sheila Jinen Hixon in November 2015, within the Zen Peacemaker Order and is also a Buddha seat holder. Noemí is also a student of Melanie Chong, from who she has received transmission as a Reiki Master.

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